A164 and Jock's Lodge

Junction improvement scheme

The A164 (Beverley to Humber Bridge) and the A1079 (Hull to York) are two of the busiest roads in the East Riding.
They meet at the ‘Jock’s Lodge Junction’ just outside Beverley (near Morrisons).

Despite work being carried out over the years to improve the safety of the junction, congestion issues have worsened, and the only solution is a major road improvement scheme.

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The A164 is a major north/south route in the East Riding of Yorkshire, between Beverley and the Humber Bridge/west Hull.

It is also part of the region’s primary route network (‘A’ roads), and has the highest volume of traffic in the East Riding, with some sections carrying over 30,000 vehicles per day.

The A1079

The A1079 is the main route between Hull and York and also connects local towns including Beverley, Market Weighton and Pocklington, with some sections carrying over 20,000 vehicles per day

Jock's Lodge Junction

Jock's Lodge Junction, where the A1079 and A164 meet, is the busiest junction in the East Riding.

The issue

The severe congestion at Jock’s Lodge junction, caused by the intersection of these two busy roads, is only likely to worsen in future years as additional traffic is generated by further housing developments.

Traffic lights were introduced in 2010 and whilst these have helped improve the junction’s safety record, congestion levels and long queues have continued to worsen.

If the junction continues to function beyond its capacity it will ultimately have a significant and long term impact on the future viability of the area as a place to live, work and do business.

The solution

The new plans will offer significant improvements to the A164 as well as replacement of Jock’s Lodge junction. Take a look at how we’re planning to do this:

From Castle Hill Roundabout to Skidby Roundabout

The current A164 route heading north from Castle Hill Roundabout will be extended to the west of the existing single carriageway in order to provide adequate room for the new dual carriageway to be constructed.

A new bridge will be constructed for northbound traffic over Eppleworth Road to the west of the existing single carriageway bridge. To the north of Eppleworth Road the widening continues on the western side briefly, before being widened on either side beneath Mill Road Bridge and up to the Skidby roundabout.

From Skidby Roundabout to Dunflat Road

Continuing north of Skidby Roundabout, the A164 will be widened to the west of the existing single carriageway up to Dunflat Road.

The existing Dunflat Road priority junction will be modified to provide a left-in left-out arrangement, a pedestrian and cycle facility will also be provided to the west of the new carriageway from Beverley Road up to Dunflat Road.

From Dunflat Road to Jock's Lodge

Further north of Dunflat Road the A164 will be widened to the west up to Coppleflat before crossing over onto the eastern side of the existing carriageway.

From Jock's Lodge to Lincoln Way roundabout

The new grade separated junction at Jocks Lodge involves constructing a new roundabout on the A1079 with connecting link roads to the north and south.

The A1079 link road to the south will connect into the existing A164 alignment at Coppleflat and so in order to take the main A164 carriageway over the link road it will be necessary to provide a new bridge.

To the north of the A1079 roundabout the link road will connect into a new southern arm on Lincoln Way Roundabout.

From Lincoln Way roundabout to Victoria Road roundabout

In addition to the above, it is proposed to widen the existing carriageway between Lincoln Way roundabout and Victoria Road roundabout in order to provide a two-lane carriageway link in each direction.

At Victoria Road roundabout, the movement between A164 Lincoln Way and A164 Victoria Road would be provided as a free flow left.

Improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

Improved facilities for non-motorised users will be incorporated to link with existing facilities on the Beverley Southern Relief Road to the north, and existing off road routes and minor road networks to the south of the Lazaats Restaurant.

Combined cycle and pedestrian paths which are replaced as part of the works will be made wider than the current facilities and a staggered crossing point through the central reserve is proposed near the Lazaats Restaurant to aid crossing the A164.

The removal of the Jock's Lodge Interchange traffic signals and closure of the slip road will also improve north-south access for cyclists and pedestrians.


The council submitted a planning application for the scheme at the end of March 2020. If successful, we will be working towards completing the design and securing the funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) in spring 2022.

Upon receiving funding from the DfT it is hoped that the accommodation works by the utility companies will commence in late spring 2022. And the completion of the main construction works by late 2026.

Information regarding the proposed traffic management on the A164 and the A1079 will be available on this website in due course.

Funding Timeline

Securing funding

In the Government’s 2016 Autumn Statement, it was announced that East Riding of Yorkshire Council had been awarded feasibility funding from the Department for Transport's Large Local Major Schemes Fund to develop a transport improvement scheme for the A164 and Jock's Lodge junction. It was one of only 12 proposals across England to receive feasibility funding.

This funding was used to develop an ‘Outline Business Case’, which set out a preferred scheme option and explained how this could be delivered and whether it would offer good value for money. This was submitted to the Department for Transport in December 2017.

In May 2018 it was announced that the scheme had successfully secured over £40 million construction funding from the Department for Transport with the remainder of the scheme costs being funded by the council.

Engaging with the public

A public consultation on a shortlist of potential scheme options was held in November 2017. East Riding of Yorkshire Council used the results of this public consultation, combined with economic data and traffic modelling, to develop a preferred scheme for Jock's Lodge and the A164.

Further public information events were held in February 2020 in order to update residents on the current scheme design and to gather feedback in advance of planning submission in March 2020.

This feedback can be accessed online on the Public Access planning website, using the planning application number ‘20/01073/STPLF’ in your search.

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